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    GAME HAS CHANGED. Powerful brands are new playgrounds for consumers. Transparency, positivism, generosity and conversation are the keys for a successful campaign. Entertain. Interact. Engage. Share your Stories. Invent the future with them.

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    BRAND EXPERIENCES. These are our playgrounds. Shall we play together?

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    OPEN PLATFORM. "Dream team" means the right people, at the right time. We bring together experts, artists, geeks, entrepreneurs, doers, passionates... and visionary people for the freshest and original ideas. This model makes us more flexible, agile and adaptable than traditional ones. We like to think global: we also have strong partnerships with agencies in USA, Brasil, Russia, China, Japan, and Europe.

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    OPEN SKILLS. We won't say that we can do everything. But we can say that our producers are multidisciplinary. Even if we are digital natives, and for some of us real nerds, we can operate both off & on line projects, digital & events, audiovisual & print…

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    OOOH YEAH!!! The playgrnd * is very honored to serve our lovely clients. To them: Thank you!

We are a strategic experiences agency.
Shall we play together?


A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.
  • A_COKE

    Coca-Cola UEFA Euro 2016™

  • Coca Cola Store

    Coca-Cola Store

  • A_LBC


  • A_Sanofi


  • A_PP


  • A_PR

    Pernod-Ricard – Datavizualisation

  • A_ADP

    Aéroports de Paris

  • A_LNCC

    Ligne Nationale Contre le Cancer

  • 80_pauleka


  • A_HEC

    HEC Paris

  • iperia

    IPERIA L’Institut



  • Pluzz - France Televisions

    France Télévisions – Pluzz


    Total Moho Nord


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