Enhance football fan journey during UEFA Euro 2016™



How to amplify Coca-Cola presence during UEFA Euro 2016™, thanks to digital & « In Real Life » activations?


(vs N-1)

Creative Concept

Enhanced Fan

Thanks to digital, elevate fans’ experiences in the eight key fan zones & four key stadiums across France, bringing to audience genuine « Only Coke Can Do » moments.


Connected contents

Bringing huge screens on a very impressive structure for a one month international event, within very crowded places, in 8 points in France… can be a challenge.

Broadcasting genuine and original contents every day is a challenge. Even more a challenge when content is managed independently, and in real time, to provide an even closer brand experience.


We have created a bespoke software able to manage contents on each screen of our network, as well as every single hardware, 24/7… allowing us to play in 12 different spots in France, live.

Thanks to Playcks, in our « Mission Control », we were able to:

  • Manage locally preprogrammed content loops, as well as push interruptive contents Broadcast pre-produced content (eg: TVC, Intrinsics…)
  • Get locally generated contents from Panini Photo Booth, moderate them, and curate them, in order to broadcast the selection, and create Instant-Win games, locally
  • Do the same with user generated contents from social networks, Generate branded announcements from the competition (eg: goals, players, next games…)
  • Supervise hardware (network of 15 LED screens, from 1,8m2 to 2,5m2) and much more!
Enhance football fan journey during UEFA Euro 2016 Coca Cola
  • 8 Fan zones & 4 stadiums in France
  • 1 month
  • +300h of genuine Connected Content (pre-produced, social UGC, interactive, branded), managed real time

Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2016
Category: Global Communication 


For the whole Coca-Cola campaign, designed by
all Coca-Cola partners (including playgrnd*)

Expérience Client

Transformer l’entreprise « centrée sur le produit » en une entreprise agile « centrée sur l’humain », et accompagner le changement afin de délivrer les meilleurs standards tout au long des parcours clients.

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Expérience Digitale

Offrir une nouvelle valeur sur les parcours, grâce à des services et produits digitaux innovants et évolutifs, générateurs de nouvelles sources de revenus.

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Experience de Marque

Amplifier l’engagement grâce à la création d’expériences de marque omnicanales divertissantes, utiles, singulières et durables.

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