Improve employees’ safety with service design


Improve employee’s safety with service design



At Total, security is the n°1 priority. As part of the IMPACTS programme (IMProve and ACT for Safety), launched for the reconstruction of the North Moho oil drill, off the coast of Congo, how do we engage employees and partners on the long term, maintaining of security during the entire duration of the site reconstruction, in France, Congo, and internationally? 


(vs N-1)



This corporate social network is destined to the entire community of those who implement security within Total, and to all the worldwide sub-contractors. Based on the principles of a collaborative and editorial platform, IMPACTS HUB allows each of its members to contribute daily and in a collaborative way to the reduction of risks.

IMPACTS Dashboard

Installed on a tablet destined to be used on risky sites, the Dashboard app assists each manager in piloting « daily security ». This digital service allows, amongst other features, to access information regarding security issues on all production sites in real time.

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