Each problem to solve deserves a bespoke dream-team


When it comes to solve complex problem and to design genuine and innovative experience, we aim to hand pick not only the best players, but also the best team.

Consultants, designers, researchers, program & project managers, data scientists, creatives, producers, creative technologists, anthropologists, geeks… All may not be employees of the playgrnd*, but all will always get together in our playground.

Able to adapt

Agility, collaboration and versatility is our cultural norm. In order to stay innovative and competitive, we always adapt and get better thanks to new types of talents, new ways of working, new partnerships and new investment models…

Collaborative mindsets (& tools)

The best projects can only be made by a team, working together to reach a common goal. Each project in the playgrnd* is a new playground, full of talents, including obviously our clients… and their customers.

We’re practiced to work in a trusty collaborative mindset and we’ve developed a specific toolbox to do so, including world class digital tools (Asana, Slack, Mural…), as well as IRL tools and methods. Want to discover our Play Rooms?

Open ecosystem

We believe that the best talents can’t live under the same roof.

We respect new ways of working, “digital nomadism”, employees experience and positive acting. 

We also believe in an economy where companies and professionals can amplify their performances and results by merging their expertises, in a trusty, serene and transparent environment. Together in an “open ecosystem”, we bring value from one to each others. 

Freelancers, studios, startups, consulting companies, production companies, vendors… From day 1, we’ve been hiring the most appropriate experts in order to get together the best dream-teams. And we keep going. 

 You know what? It works. 

Global AND local

People and their journeys are different from a country to another, as well as their culture, their behaviors… Adaptability is a strong clue to make happen locally wonderful experiences created globally.

BTW, we operate worldwide.

Become better.

We’re not perfect. But we aim to become better every day.

Being “open” is a key, and we encourage our teams to be always more curious and expand their knowledge and skills thanks to trainings, practices, readings, sharing sessions, conferences, and meeting with new people as often as they can.

This is also the reason why we love to be involved into students programs, in order to share our experience, as well as getting from students kind of reverse mentoring.

Would you be happy to share a coaching session with us?


Erwan is a polymath. Geek-Native, engineer by training, he's been fully invested in the Experience Design.
He took over the management of the digital department of a global agency when he was 25, and contributed to the enrichment of its team. At the age of 28 he refined his passion, in teaching students, notably from the Major Digital and the Executive Program at HEC. And at 30 years old, naturally, he aimed at a broader commitment and then founded the playgrnd*.
Erwan is a man of great vision and determination, who aims at being involved in the architecture of the future, together with its teams. He assists our clients in their transformation, in innovating and by reinventing itselves.

Erwan Gringoire Founder & CEO, Client Partner

Teuta is definitely multicultural. Albanian & Swiss, she flies to New York and launch her career as a ``creative strategist`` in an international agency. It quickly appears as an evidence her passion for the marketing studies & researches, which she develops through the ethnography and the sociology she now fully embraces.
After the first 5-star hotel launch in Kosovo, as the Marketing Communication and Sales director position she holds during 4 years, she falls in love with CX and decides to meet the playgrnd*, in order to leverage her methodologies, her observational and critical analysis, also to contribute benevolently to companies in progress she is accompanying, in a changing world.

Teuta Biba Client Partner

Yann debuts in humanitarian mission. Several months spent in the Mauritanian desert, few years in favour of a great cause in France, sufficiently to realize that brands have a particular role to play in the public commitment.
He then joins the agency world, in Paris, New York, Shanghai, and refines his practice of co-construction in multicultural milieu. With substantial ability to deal with systemic approach, together with great confidence, Yann is supporting playgrnd* clients and team members to discern and appreciate all the possible interactions in complex environments.

Yann Jaussaud COO, Client Partner

Work hard play hard

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We’re always eager to work with new talents, and we would love to do so! For a full time job, for a mission or a project, for an internship, or just to explore new horizons together, please click below.