We lift business by designing impactful
human-centered experiences.


Creative Consulting Partner

Business Consulting Company? Design Studio? Innovation Bureau? Marketing Agency? Whatever the name is, our clients aim to consider the playgrnd* as a problem solver, along with our “Human-centered” & “Business oriented” proven methodologies, enhanced by amazing talents & experts from all over the world.

What we offer


Business Strategy


Service Design
Product Design
In-Store experience
Prototype & POC
Lean UX


Campaign & Activation
Social media & Influence

How we do it

Human centred.
Business oriented.

We help our clients making this happen, by co-designing with them the Now, New & Next experience strategy, which will have impact.

Align the goals.

From day one, we aim to setup a performance oriented framework which will assess any decision, thanks to KPIs based on “value for human” and “value for business”. 

Seize human in order to create value.

Our singular approach combines qualitative research, datas analysis and strategic planning to get the most of what we call “Human Knowledge”, which will make us identify the real opportunities.

Design the right thing. Then, design the thing right.

Creating value on a customer journey may require a new digital service powered by AI, a content platform, an interactive installation in retail, a new process, or a drone delivery process. Or not.

From quick-wins to more complex and long term solutions, we stand for a pragmatic approach, to ideate and design the best scenario, then, the best experiences.

Make it happen.

Testing a solution is a standard, but can’t be an end in itself. The purpose is to scale-up with ambition, and realism.   

We provide concrete roadmaps, implementation and continuous optimization process of the experience, considering that is much more important than any genius idea, as long as it’s also done with customers/users/shoppers…. 

Always get better.

Delivering the excellence to our clients is an obsession, thanks to calling into questions, learning, being curious to everything… reinventing ourselves everyday.

As we stand as a “partner”, we also love to share, coach, teach, and spread the knowledge we got, in schools, or to our clients, in order for them to become always more autonomous and competitive

Who we are

Each project requires the
best dream-team

We believe in the power of collective intelligence and collaboration to drive the change and push further the limits.

Each problem to solve requires a bespoke methodology and an ad’hoc dream-team, together with our clients, and along with experts, hand picked from our talents ecosystem.