Paule Ka

Paule Ka
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How to set up the brand in a sustainable and durable way, and keep proximity with consumers, through a digital ecosystem?


After over two years of work, the brand strongly increased its digital presence and online sales. Beyond a new e-commerce display, the digital and editorial display orchestrated by playgrnd* creates and sustains a true and long term relationship between the brand and its consumers, while celebrating the Paule Ka woman.


  • Digital strategy consultancy

  • E-commerce

  • UX / UI

  • Artistic Direction

  • Catalog photography

  • Content production

  • Community management

  • Technical production

  • CRM



Emiland de Cubber : Digital Consultancy
Emmanuelle de Feraudy : Project Manager
Erwan Gringoire : Executive Board
Chloé Pirajean : Project Manager
Maxime Fabas : UX
Lysa Jumelle : Production Manager 
Saima Altunkaya : Photographer
Christopher Davis : Film Director
Nicolas Rouyer : AD
Pauline Privez FashionBlog : Community Manager