Human First. Talents Only. Always Playful.

Human First 

The playgrnd* puts the "human" as the starting point of every single strategic or creative work. His needs, his wishes, his furstrations, his dreams... are the best source of inspiration to imagine the value which could be deliver by the company.  

Ecosystem for open creativity


  • An integrated agency reduces talent freedom, therefore creativity.
  • Stereotyped profiles lead to biases (and preconceived ideas).
  • Experts aren’t always where we expect them to be.
  • Openness and point of view confrontation is an opportunity.
  • We have created our own methodologies and appropriate tools.


The playgrnd* claims its original business model: since 5 years, we develop and animate an ecosystem of talents, independents, companies, studios, startups, partners, agencies, around the globe, allowing us to put together the best and most adapted dream-team for each project.

Work hard.
Play hard.
At the same time.


  • The passion that drives us can be time consuming.
  • Work methods and business models are undergoing profound change.
  • Children understood that it’s good to laugh 400 times a day, and we want to preserve this spirit.
  • There are so many inspiring things outside the work place.
  • In every collective game, the key to success is a team spirit.


The playgrnd* strives to reinvent each day of work, to offer a playground allowing personal and collective fulfillment, learning, access to culture, each employee’s, member’s, partner’s and client’s well-being.


— Junior Project Manager

— Junior Strategic Planner

— Digital Consultant

— Junior Project Manager

Want to join us?

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